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nLite is a solution for those that need to regularly reinstall their Windows.

nLite is a software utility that offers custom installation and / or automated creation of a Windows XP CD.

It can permanently remove the built in Windows applications such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player and most of the tools offered by Microsoft. The software will take to create bootable installation CD-ROM. In the next installation of Windows only items that are found useful will be installed with the system.

The entire process of creating custom Windows XP CD is done by using a wizard. It starts by selecting the location of the files of Windows XP and that of a temporary location of the ISO image of the final CD. Then there must be defined the files and services that are desired to be included in the installation.

The next phase allows integrating a service pack directly in the installation CD and customize user settings such as time zone, CD key, computer name etc.

Finally, the software takes a few minutes to create a custom ROM bootable Windows XP CD.

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