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Creating storage space on hard disk became easier with a tool like HJSplit, helping to recover the fragments of the files too.

HJSplit is a handy application that helps to create enough storage space on the hard disk or removable media by splitting files into several fragments to reduce their size.

It is not necessary to use other software to collect the files because the same software will recover them. Indeed, in addition to the function of file fragmentation, HJSplit gives the user the ability to easily make their assembly thereafter, without any impact on their quality.

Compare and Checksum are another features of this software which add value and makes it a good choice.

HJSplit software requires no installation to run, which makes it very convenient. In addition, it should be noted that it is able to compare the data and cut up a file size up to 10 GB.

HJSplit 3.0
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Date Added:
16 Jul 2012
MD5 Checksum:

* Improved: HJSplit is now able to generate MD5 checksums.
* Added: you can cancel an operation by using the new cancel button inside the progress form. When pressing 'Cancel' HJSplit pauses and asks for confirmation.
* Added: the progress display now also explicitly includes the current progress percentage (0% - 100%).
* Added: when you cancel a split operation, the split files that were created during this operation will be deleted. This is to prevent an invalid set of split parts being left on your system.
* Added: when you cancel a join operation, the joined file will be deleted. This is to prevent leaving an invalid joined file on your system.
* Changed: all links pointing to the HJSplit home page (inside the program's main screen and the about screen) have been updated so that they point to www.hjsplit.org (which - at the time of writing this - redirects to the old HJSplit site on Freebyte.com)


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