TightVNC 2.7.10

TightVNC - (Open Source)

TightVNC allows to remotely control a computer via Internet making it very easy to take care of a computer maintenance.

TightVNC is a program for remote control and administration via the Internet on a computer no matter what kind of operating system is installed.

The software allows to see in real time all this happens on controlled computer as if user is sitting at its computers. Besides monitoring, TightVNC is also able to optimize bandwidth. TightVNC is a free software compatible with the standard VNC.

This software is also very useful for making a remote computer maintenance.

TightVNC 2.7.10
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Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
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24 Jul 2013
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# TightVNC Server
* Now all displays are shown in Viewer when monitors are connected to different graphics cards, rather then showing only one.
* No more cursor disappearing or freezing when an application window controlled remotely is dragged by its title bar.
# TightVNC Viewer
* Added detection of a Windows key press (alone or in combination with other keys), as well as Alt -Tab combination in the full-screen mode.
* Improved a File transfer window: file listing in the directory is now case insensitive.
* Added sorting of files by Name, Size or date Modified either in ascending or descending order.


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