MetroTwit 1.0.1

MetroTwit - (Freeware)

Socialize and enter Tweets quickly with the MetroTwit, the Twitter application for Windows.

MetroTwit is a desktop client for Twitter, the social network to 145 characters. User can enter his Tweets quickly and track messages without his subscriptions through the browser. MetroTwit interface is very simple and allows to display on different columns, the subscriptions, direct messages, mentions or the search results. Other settings are also available: customizing the application, alert Tweets, position reporting, or change the site of loading images.

A preview system will follow the links or view images in messages posted while proposing to open them in the default browser.

MetroTwit 1.0.1
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Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
09 Apr 2012
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* Added CTRL+D keyboard shortcut for tweet favoriting
* Added show retweets option for list columns
* Added color accent previews
* Fixed user profile long bios to fixed size
* Fixed daily and weekly trends
* Fixed favoriting own tweets not showing star
* Fixed rare crash on application close
* Fixed some columns incorrectly adding to taskbar count
* Fixed filtering not accepting multiple words
* Fixed “My retweets” column not showing clickable links
* Fixed ads refresh rate for multiple account users
* Attempted fix for crashing when blocking users
* Fixed crashing when Twitter application access revoked for any application
* Attempted fix for media previews to fit in very small displays
* Fixed left/right arrow crashing when switching to empty column
* Fixed rare crash on removing accounts
* Fixed “open in browser” opening blank tabs
* Fixed multiple Twitter activities duplication after multiple streams running
* Fixed backlog flushing crash
* Fixed rare inline error crash
* Fixed rare media preview crash
* Fixed block user tweets showing in search
* Fixed removing corrupted cache items
* Fixed blocked users retweets showing up in columns
* Attempted fix for aggregate exceptions crashes
* Attempted fix null twitter stream event
* Fixed ad “share tweet” not working
* Fixed changing themes causes new tweets to not be rendered
* Attempted fix for crash with status deleted collection
* Fixed settings multi-account horizontal scrolling overflow
* Fixed combobox dark theme color for Windows 8 Aero Basic
* Fixed Aero theme changing
* Fixed TwitLonger setting not saving
* Fixed infinite loop CPU/API usage when viewing conversation of protected account
* Fixed random white pixels in UI caused by planets aligning and WPF
* Fixed settings screen hiding sidebar preview when no image selected


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