MetroTwit 0.9.2

MetroTwit - (Freeware)

Socialize and enter Tweets quickly with the MetroTwit, the Twitter application for Windows.

MetroTwit is a desktop client for Twitter, the social network to 145 characters. User can enter his Tweets quickly and track messages without his subscriptions through the browser. MetroTwit interface is very simple and allows to display on different columns, the subscriptions, direct messages, mentions or the search results. Other settings are also available: customizing the application, alert Tweets, position reporting, or change the site of loading images.

A preview system will follow the links or view images in messages posted while proposing to open them in the default browser.

MetroTwit 0.9.2
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Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
28 Nov 2011
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* Added “save search”, “remove saved search” and recent searches functionality
* Added local/weekly/daily trends support
* Added new and more reliable “keep scroll at top” behavior
* Fixed “show all replies from friends” option not working
* Fixed favorites column constantly refreshing
* Fixed support for GIF images in media uploading
* Fixed profile avatar disappearing after tweeting
* Fixed support for horizontal mouse tilting to scroll left/right in columns
* Fixed rare media popup window crashing on load
* Fixed invalid focus of tweet box after sending a tweet
* Fixed notifications positioning away from bottom corners
* Tweaked button design style
* Tweaked direct message layout style
* Tweaked ad display style
* Fixed “Find API key” link
* Fixed “service disrupted” typo


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