LibreOffice 4.3.4 RC 1 - ( Open Source)

LibreOffice offers an alternative to the office suite that includes all standard applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a manager of mathematical formulas

LibreOffice is a free office suite free and can easily replace Microsoft Office suite. This office suite for Windows has all the tools necessary for personal and professional use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database.

It contains the equivalent of more or less advanced word processor "Word", named "text / Writer" spreadsheet "Excel", named "Binder / Calc" presentation software "PowerPoint", named "Presentation / Impress "Software release" Publisher ", named" Drawing / Draw "and finally management system database" Acess "named" Database / Base ". Found in a more complex mathematical editor named "Formula / Math" formulas.

Entirely based on the source code of, the new office suite known as LibreOfficeprovides a good compatibility with file formats of Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. "Doc and. Docx", in addition to managing its own open file formats. In the end, though lagging far behind Microsoft Office, particularly in terms of the interface and general usability, functionality offered by the office on LibreOffice will prove quite sufficient for most users .

LibreOffice 4.3.4 RC 1
File Size:
215.2 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
12 Nov 2014
MD5 Checksum:

# Bugs fixed:
* fix slide pane cut/copy/paste in outline view
* fix cherry-pick mis-merge
* SwTxtFrm::FormatAdjust: still call SplitFrm if we have columns
* fix docx redline import
* RTF import: fix paragraph spacing handling in tables
* XLS export: external sheet references on Linux/OSX
* coverity various untrusted loop bounds
* fix shift+click to select multiple drawings
* RTF import: fix paragraph spacing handling in tables
* fix word count with recorded changes
* chart background in XLSX is transparent instead of white.
* center ellipsis tooltips that don't fit on screen
* allow export of VBAProject
* crash on second export of svg
* crash on negative position in redlined word
* fix word count with recorded changes
* excel VBA: ActiveDocument is not tracking currently selected Doc
* : CMIS: Default Alfresco 4 URL not working
* make template dialog Modal
* broadcast changes after TextToColumn
* [Accessiblity] Don't expose 0 for empty cells in Calc
* SIFR: Line Spacing 1.5 icon missing (4.3)
* set spinbox value AFTER adjusting no. of decimal places
* sw: fix text formatting of proportional line space < 100%
* avoid broadcasting during cell delete & shift.
* broadcast changes before EndUndo().
* accessiblitiy focus not tracked for cells in Calc
* custom property with the same name as Document Property not imported
* add a hidden configuration option to toggle ref update on sort.
* correctly adjust references in range names on row deletion.
* RTF import: handle footnote in table cell
* grabbing focus can invalidate the entries
* MSVC build: disable a few more cases of SSE2 in externals
* RTF export: fix "none" line style of TextFrames
* RTF import: don't try to set CustomShapeGeometry on a TextFrame
* RTF import: \plain should reset \rtlch and \hich as well
* fix slide pane cut/copy/paste in outline view
* ROW() and COLUMN() to be properly recalculated on cell move.
* change ODBC/JDBC escapes to lowercase
* restore focus window after preview
* crash on negative position in redlined word
* on reexec, cancel modification before resetting IsModification state
* RTF import: fix paragraph spacing handling in tables
* buffer cache grows to over 9000 unused entries
* chart wizard dialog cut off
* RTF filter: import image border
* ensure that formula broadcasting works after sort.
* correct adjustment of range reference on delete & shift.
* broadcast changes after TextToColumn
* RTF import: fix run type in new groups
* always default to WinAnsiEncoding...
* SwTxtFrm::FormatAdjust: still call SplitFrm if we have columns
* a11y frames label dies before frame


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