LibreOffice 5.0.2 RC 1 - ( Open Source)

LibreOffice offers an alternative to the office suite that includes all standard applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a manager of mathematical formulas

LibreOffice is a free office suite free and can easily replace Microsoft Office suite. This office suite for Windows has all the tools necessary for personal and professional use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database.

It contains the equivalent of more or less advanced word processor "Word", named "text / Writer" spreadsheet "Excel", named "Binder / Calc" presentation software "PowerPoint", named "Presentation / Impress "Software release" Publisher ", named" Drawing / Draw "and finally management system database" Acess "named" Database / Base ". Found in a more complex mathematical editor named "Formula / Math" formulas.

Entirely based on the source code of, the new office suite known as LibreOfficeprovides a good compatibility with file formats of Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. "Doc and. Docx", in addition to managing its own open file formats. In the end, though lagging far behind Microsoft Office, particularly in terms of the interface and general usability, functionality offered by the office on LibreOffice will prove quite sufficient for most users .

LibreOffice 5.0.2 RC 1
File Size:
210.1 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
10 Sep 2015
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# Fixed bugs
- Revert "When printing ... 'Order' did not count."
- DOCX import: rot=90 and vert=vert270 means no text rotation
- Uninitialized scalar field
- Fix mis-merge
- Fix Calc header background image saving
- handle the NULL clip correctly for pdf output
- svtools: don't commit SvtMenuOptions too early
- [abrt] libreoffice-core: sdr::table::SvxTableController::SetTableStyle(): soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV
- [fix available] Calc: Random Number generator can't be edited and applied for cell location
- Printing/Exporting to PDF adds text to the side of form elements ('checkbox',...)
- UI: Format Cells dialog displays misleading value for 'Decimal places'
- The operation on <path> was started with an invalid parameter
- Sidebar: Styles are missing from Properties tab
- password protected library does not honnor end user type definition
- Trend line invisible if first data point is missing x value
- FORMATTING: CJK ruby text (furigana) in vertical mode pushes characters to the left of the base line
- UI: "Freakout"-behaviour and freeze during resize of docked sidebar
- FILEOPEN: DOCX with a footnote hangs LO on open
- Macro with Find @ Replace crash Calc
- UI: Horizontal scrollbar backwards with RTL sheet and kde4 ui
- Layout of custom handouts is ignored
- SIDEBAR: content panels in tray don't open with accelerators when sidebar is enabled but fully hidden
- 4.4.0.x Automatic font color no longer works
- FILEOPEN: DOCX - text in shape is wrong direction
- EDITING: Insert Frame dialog shows empty lists for area fill types
- FORMATTING, FILESAVE: Header and footer background images are not saved
- ValueSet has rendering issues in RTL interface
- Highlighted comment text with replies have dark color
- FORMATTING: Autocapitalisation does not happen if the last word in the previous sentence has a comment in the middle of the word
- Incorrect Dates in Report created with legacy report wizard
- LO impress crashes when opening pptx with comments
- UI: Dialogue for Advanced filter is transparent.
- FORMATTING: Parts of Paragraph Border missing when Border around more than one Paragraph
- Implement texture atlas for OpenGL
- UI - StartCenter and Application windows can not be resized diagonally with mouse after initial window size increase and covers OSX Dock
- INDIRECT function lost interoperabilty with calc documents migrated by OOo3.2.1
- printing of labels (Next dataset fields) via file->print is broken
- ODF import: styles with fo:background-color wrongly imported causing wrong frame and paragraph backgrounds
- Right-clicking after applying "paint buckets" leads to multiple Undo
- Incorrect cell border drawing in DOC file after saving in 5.0
- rendercontext: blinking cursor is drawn directly
- Chart: Data table category view format bad for table of times
- START CENTER: Icon sizes in breeze cause help and extensions buttons not to be visible
- UI: General format: useless trailing zeroes for scientific notation
- Dialog editor: adding a language crashes LibO
- Selecting text with keyboard (partially outside current view) results in wrong highlighting and mangled text
- Unexpectedly quit when use Data->Sort (crash)
- Closing media player crashes Writer
- clock face emoji autocorrect collisions in some languages
- FILEOPEN: LibO crashes on loading .RTF
- rendercontext: animgifs are painted directly
- FORMATTING: "Edit style" button in "Schema & Numbering" tab in paragraph style edition navigates wrong
- Master document does not show diagrams included and properly shown in documents linked into the master
- Copy/paste of a range of cells with IF formula and format set to General causes crash
- rendercontext: style combo box is not always updated
- rendercontext: comment spelling is drawn directly
- Crash when deleting cell contents
- status indicator progress bar not shown while loading big file
- Draw crashes when changing line width using sidebar
- NullPointerException while connecting to LibreOffice via Java UNO API
- Once the Function Wizard has been Displayed, it is not Possible to Select Columns or Rows or to Open the Context Menu of Columns and Rows
- Menu-Icons are always hidden
- Non free cs_CZ (Czech) thesaurus dictionary
- OpenGL tracker bug ...
- menu non-rendering on click ...
- Image / CRC32 not enough ...
- Crash when launching Tools > AutoText (comment 6)
- Need way to hard disable any OpenGL usage / probing etc.
- detect OpenGL crashes and disable it
- Preview of Bullets is hard to see with a dark theme
- Linux: no save on crash
- Condition Formatting: Entering "=" in comparison value crashes program
- Detect hanging OpenGL drivers & disable GL ...
- help -> about should list GL status ...
- white-list only the latest GL hardware and drivers
- "Unprotect Cells" missing from Table Menu and Table Toolbar (comment 6)
- Bottom stroke line of a rectangle is half-drawn when using OpenGL
- EMF+ is not displayed at all
- GL textures destroyed while still bound to framebuffers
- switching context does not un-bind framebuffers correctly ...
- Impress copy wrong style name to clipboard when style name contains Chinese character
- apitrace and glerrors ...
- disable background saving with GL enabled ...
- PPTX import: DrawingML fallback of Vertical Picture List SmartArt is not imported correctly
- opengl glyph caching misplaces start center text
- vdevs shared OpenGLContexts - end up broken.
- shader compilation can take a while ...
- opengl glyph caching misplaces writer text
- Radio buttons are all "selected" when using OpenGL
- using GL threads across threads incorrectly ...
- Disable DirectX slideshow when in OpenGL mode ...
- The close button in menubar is empty with openGL


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