LibreOffice 4.2.1 RC 1 - (Open Source)

LibreOffice offers an alternative to the office suite that includes all standard applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a manager of mathematical formulas

LibreOffice is a free office suite free and can easily replace Microsoft Office suite. This office suite for Windows has all the tools necessary for personal and professional use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database.

It contains the equivalent of more or less advanced word processor "Word", named "text / Writer" spreadsheet "Excel", named "Binder / Calc" presentation software "PowerPoint", named "Presentation / Impress "Software release" Publisher ", named" Drawing / Draw "and finally management system database" Acess "named" Database / Base ". Found in a more complex mathematical editor named "Formula / Math" formulas.

Entirely based on the source code of, the new office suite known as LibreOfficeprovides a good compatibility with file formats of Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. "Doc and. Docx", in addition to managing its own open file formats. In the end, though lagging far behind Microsoft Office, particularly in terms of the interface and general usability, functionality offered by the office on LibreOffice will prove quite sufficient for most users .

LibreOffice 4.2.1 RC 1
File Size:
210.3 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
17 Feb 2014
MD5 Checksum:

# Bugs fixed:
* RTF import: fix memory leak
* improper use of negative value
* dereference after null check
* coverity gold, Uninitialized m_refCount
* RTF import: fix memory leak
* use internal API to fill dxf styles during xlsx import.
* do not remove too much from the path
* in autodetected a11y HC mode, pull background color from theme
* set the bg color of the editeng from the text shape
* fix crash during xls import, related
* create statement before execute/wasNull/getBoolean
* # Determining bMail was accidentally inverted
* vcl: GTK+ file picker: fix non-grouped filter patterns
* don't bother with synonyms for text with mixed script types.
* reset (Multi)Selection on Clear()
* don't unduly delay Bridge termination
* guard against null pointer access on LRU function list
* prefer exact matches before case guess matching
* fix buttons in Custom animation toolbar
* sw: fix copy/paste of cross references
* related forgot to 'unlink' setOpenTemplateHdl
* related Set StartCenter's min width to display one column of docs
* RTF import: fix memory leak
* default(Date|Time) is a UNO struct now
* sw: fix table cell Unprotect
* fix for "General input/output error" while opening file
* sw: layout should never care about IsFirstShared()
* avoid putting these cells in formula tree prematurely.
* default(Date|Time) is a UNO struct now
* FixedText (label) is implemented as no value
* put only document (file) name in window title on OS X
* fix quoted printable encoding bug in internal Python
* in autodetected a11y HC mode, pull background color from theme
* insert the border rectangle to the bottom of the stack.
* implement KDE4 picker notifications
* fix for corruption of symbols in docx
* startcenter: Show busy mouse pointer when starting apps.
* startcenter: help button point to local/wiki help, help part
* correctly calculate the first edit cell row position.
* fix editable combo-boxes behavior under KDE4
* fix crash on abi2010-1.doc example
* generate correct group items for the year group.
* fix for "General input/output error" while opening file
* fix deadlocks in librdf_Repository
* startcenter: display more userfriendly file urls in tooltips
* fix editable combo-boxes behavior under KDE4
* change the default color for reference border to non-red.
* why!?
* sw: GraphicObjects are never swapped out
* sd: fix mis-detection of Visio files as PPT
* trendline: correct R^2 for forced intercept
* make the software interpreter selection stick in the UI.
* revert "Disable LTO for now - suspected cause of ."
* ensure that we import all tab settings from Excel.
* overhaul cell borders to make them look sane.
* and set a minimum size to start center
* avoid excessive and unnecessary heap allocation of array objects.
* make some items in the filter dialogs translatable.
* overhaul cell borders to make them look sane.
* backport Message dialog creation from message strings
* CMYK labels are switched
* don't forget to receive returned object from for_each.
* broadcast changes during undo and redo after paste.
* don't attempt to copy more than a string has to offer
* support 8430x11700 jpegs
* wordlist truncated on left
* backport Message dialog creation from message strings
* fix unlocalized redline menu
* sfx2: fix crash when editing template
* firebird XParameters::setString truncate to 65535 characters
* revert "Improve Spreadsheet performance ..."
* this search algorithm had another issue. This fixes it.
* vcl: try to fix sizes in ImplBlendToBitmap
* related: Area tab page: prevent default gradient/hatch/bitmap
* let's not shift the note twice. Once is enough.
* template manager-store selection before calling dialog
* the end position is inclusive. ting.
* fix auto correct of initial capitals on start of first para
* # Determining bMail was accidentally inverted
* no need to incremenet nRow here... It's just plain wrong.
* SdrPageView::DrawLayer(): hack to avoid spuriously visible images
* only adjust tokens for top formula cells of formula group.
* sw: fix Label wizard document creation (2 in 1)
* treat empty cells as if they have a value of 0.
* replace '\n' to ' ' in fields (e.g. multiline headings)
* gbuild: AutoInstall: add support for ComponentCondition
* template manager-store selection before calling dialog
* ensure that we have non-null pointer to ScColumn.
* generate escaped sheet names after the grammer is set.
* avoid excessive building of escaped sheet names.
* don't drag around and use an uninitialized variable.
* only pick cell notes for that sheet, and skip the rest.
* don't forget clear the edit engine before re-using it.
* use the shared formula column position Excel tells you...
* correctly handle note captions life cycles.
* related Java on Mac doesn't use javaldx/library path fiddling
* re-intern shared strings copied between documents
* correct export of User Variable Input Fields
* failed to recognized Heading 6-Export to MediaWiki
* update mdds to 0.10.2 which fixes one crasher bug.
* [Interoperability] can't open *.xlsx file which is protected via MS 2007
* Improve Spreadsheet performance in some area
* New InputFields - Reopened file is corrupted if there is text after the InputField
* New InputFields for UserFields don't update automatically
* runner: toolkit.UnoControlContainerModel::com::sun::star::awt::UnoControlContainerModel
* libreoffice impress imports animated motion paths incorrectly from powerpoint
* calc: Conditional formatting dialog has unreachable controls on lower screen resolution


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