LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 3 - (Open Source)

LibreOffice offers an alternative to the office suite that includes all standard applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a manager of mathematical formulas

LibreOffice is a free office suite free and can easily replace Microsoft Office suite. This office suite for Windows has all the tools necessary for personal and professional use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database.

It contains the equivalent of more or less advanced word processor "Word", named "text / Writer" spreadsheet "Excel", named "Binder / Calc" presentation software "PowerPoint", named "Presentation / Impress "Software release" Publisher ", named" Drawing / Draw "and finally management system database" Acess "named" Database / Base ". Found in a more complex mathematical editor named "Formula / Math" formulas.

Entirely based on the source code of, the new office suite known as LibreOfficeprovides a good compatibility with file formats of Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. "Doc and. Docx", in addition to managing its own open file formats. In the end, though lagging far behind Microsoft Office, particularly in terms of the interface and general usability, functionality offered by the office on LibreOffice will prove quite sufficient for most users .

LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 3
File Size:
200.5 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
12 Jan 2012
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# Core
* "*.*" is not "all files"
* another missing null pointer check in multilinebar
* avoid pointless const_cast, use getConstArray in all cases.
* basic function VAL produces bad result
* cherry pick fix
* collection of problems causing loss of ole2 previews
* correctly handle empty paragraphs in slideshow animation
* deleting sheets should adjust drawing object pages as well.
* don't hide images in menus
* don't set document modified for copy and select all
* fix (bad hyphenation of French words with hyphen and apostrophe)
* fix - don't loop infinitely when using Apple Remote
* fix RTF export of date field
* fix RTF import of images with invalid crop data
* fix RTF import of implicit horizontal table cell merges
* fix RTF import of vertically merged table cells
* fix crash in DomainMapper_Impl::SetFieldFFData
* fix crash when play particular presentation with sound
* fix for - prevent invalid shape text indices.
* fix for Wrong position in Extension Mgr
* fix for double hyphens
* fix hyphenation attributes:
* fix slideshow text animations
* get external references to work with AND and OR.
* header/Footer,Page Break: fix bad test for printing mode
* hopefully correct automatic calculation of y-axis scale.
* importing extLst of drawings in diagrams.
* make the data validation popup more reliable.
* missing icons in Index Design dialog
* missing pointer check in new multiline input code
* oDF export: fix layout grid invalid ODF
* overlapped controls
* pack *.default files, too
* rHEL-4 buildbox doesn't have FT_Library_SetLcdFilter
* rTF: update layout (if present) before export
* refresh the layout after inserting a picture
* reintroduce fo:margin-* on top of fo:margin for backward compat
* related: fix parsing of the cf RTF token
* related: header styles contain content like document body
* remove Tahoma from the Hebrew font list (except the UI list)
* resolved - Date formatting in Spreadsheet is inconsistent
* return earlier from ScInterpreter::GetDBParams on error
* revert "aw084: Added code to mimic old behaviour and call user layout link when empty paragraph is rendered"
* safer protection check... why using the layout for this?
* search for index entries in the whole document, not only the body
* shrink the first column in the open dialog, remove unused flags
* skip filtered cells during auto-fill.
* sw: temp selection print doc:
* tools container rework regression fix
* update readme


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