GetRight 6.3e

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GetRight is a utility software that proves to be a great a download manager and transfer accelerator.

Getright is a very comprehensive download manager for those who download a lot and for novices. It allows to pause the downloads and resume later. It includes advanced options to schedule downloads, connect with the modem, turn off the computer when the downloads are finished, and many other interesting features. It also supports skins so the user can customize the interface.

The user can download many files simultaneously or pause them. The big interest of Getright is that it allows to intercept click on software to download in the browser.

GetRight can act as a booster download by connecting to multiple servers providing the same file.
It is also able to resume downloads that have been corrupted or interrupted due to a hardware failure or connection.

GetRight supports all major browsers (Firefox , IE, Opera ), being compatible with most protocols such as HTTP , HTTPS , FTPS , FTP and BitTorrent.

GetRight 6.3e
File Size:
4.8 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
23 Jun 2008
Headlight Software
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* Fixed recover-lost making things uppercase (if done by double-clicking a .GetRight file.)
* Rename ReinstallVault to GetRight Vault, and making it more a "backup your downloads" service.
Also made clicking the vault button if it's not setup show a "Hide" option along with the "More Info",
Hiding removes the button and other vault things from the download status.
* Added a retry later to rename any files that didn't get the .GetRight removed.
Gives a minute or so for any file locking to have unlocked to try again.
Plus another try if you click the "Open this file" on the "finished a download" window too.
* Fixed disk-space-check for already segmented files
* Opera 9.5 passed extra "quotes" around URLs; fix to remove them.
* Changed a number of defaults (subscriptions off, games off/moved, some default toolbar button changes.)


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