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FlashGet handles two of the biggest problems that occur when downloading files: speed and management of downloaded files.

FlashGet is a utility software developed to manage the download files on the web. This handler transfers is easy to drive and has a good download speed.

FlashGet is compatible with most protocols such as MMS and RTSP, HTTP, BitTorrent, FTP. The manager uses an efficient and effective method to accelerate download speed. To do this, it cuts the items into small pieces in order to enjoy maximum bandwidth.

FlashGet has also the advantage of being able to save the download history. The data can be accessed at any time via the interface.

Records are included in the software ranking each downloaded file in a category corresponding to its type.

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6.1 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
17 Jun 2013
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- Fixed an issue where some commands sent to the server enforced a 60 second wait timeout, when triggered the connection to the server was automatically closed. While most commands enforce a wait time limit some commands naturally take longer than others and this has lead to some undesired results. I have modified the code to exclude certain commands from the enforced timeout.
- Fixed caption/option swap in the Preferences dialog > General > Actions. The "Remote file listing" and "URL Clipboard monitor" were swapped.
- X3, Our graphic designer has independently released several new toolbar button sets for FlashFXP, check them out @ http://www.flashfxp.com/toolbars Installing toolbar themes has never been easier simply click the download link for the filename.ffxptheme and opening it with FlashFXP. I am a huge fan of the Vacca VI toolbar set.
- When using the live update feature to download program updates the "run update" button is now disabled on click to prevent multiple instances of the update installer.
- Fixed crash when importing invalid XML via the Site Import feature.
- Fixed dead-lock when importing invalid CSV via the Site Import feature.
- Fixed crash after importing via the Site Import feature.
- Fixed crash in Calculate server space used feature when FlashFXP is closed while a search is in progress.
- Fixed crash in Server file search feature when FlashFXP is closed while a search is in progress.


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