Duplicati 1.3.4

Kenneth Skovhede - (Open Source)

As its name says, Duplicati makes a backup for the encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers.

Duplicati is a backup system that saves encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers. Depending on the configuration, it can automatically perform regular backups to different media just by specifying the source file, the backup destination and the time for the program to run automatically without any intervention.

It is compatible with Amazon S3, Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Docs, Rackspace Cloud Files and WebDAV protocols, SSH, FTP storage services, etc. Duplicati includes AES-256 and the GNU Privacy Guard software to sign backups and guarantee their authenticity encryption algorithm.

Duplicati 1.3.4
File Size:
9.5 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date Added:
19 Feb 2013
Kenneth Skovhede
MD5 Checksum:

- Added: Translation for zn-HK which is Chinese, Hongkong.
- Added: Russian translation. (Thanks to Philip Torchinsky)
- Added: Commands for command line can be exported from UI.
When you create a new backup job or edit an existing one, on the last page of the assistant you will get a tab that shows you the command to run the same job from a command line.
- Fixed: Restore to a new machine also restored paths from the old machine.
- Fixed: Better detection of invalid filenames.
- Fixed: Crash when source folders contained no files.
- Fixed: snapshot-policy=auto and usn-policy=auto now work properly.
- Fixed: Restore crashed when advanced option --force was set.
- Fixed: Improved the way settings override eachother.
- Fixed: Installer now creates a desktop shortcut.
- Fixed: Possible cause for "Error: The manifest file ... indicates that there should be x volumes, but the file list indicates y" with SSH backend fixed.
- Fixed: Exit code is always "0".


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