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Improve download activity even for large files with Download Accelerator Plus, a smart software that accelerates Internet downloads.

Download Accelerator Plus is a software specially designed to manage and accelerate Internet downloads. It enables to upload a file and stop the download to resume later. This function is very useful for large files and prevents resume a download from the beginning.

The software also accelerates the download speed because it treats the file into smaller fragments that together thereafter. It also manages the proxy server (for people who connect to Internet from the local network).

Download Accelerator Plus works with most existing browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Internet Explorer.

For a good download, the application is able to find the best sources. It can change the source if an even better one is available.

Download Accelerator Plus features a tool that gets information about a file before downloading it. The preview video is also available on some sites. This feature lets user know if he has the correct video or not. The association with a web browser is the program for downloads.

Download Accelerator Plus 10.0.6
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Windows 2003,Windows 2000,Windows Vista,Windows 10,Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8
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04 Oct 2019
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