CardRecovery 6.00 Build 1012

WinRecovery Software - (Commercial Trial)

CardRecovery is a perfect tool for any user that accidentally lost their images or video files from the memory card and desire to recover them.

CardRecovery is a photo recovery software for memory cards used by digital cameras that helps users to get back the images or video files that have been accidentally deleted or suffered any other destroying operation.

This tool can help to recover digital photos that have been lost, deleted, formatted, corrupted from memory cards. It supports most memory card types including SmartMedia, Compact Flash CF, Secure Digital Card SD, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card, Multimedia Card MMC and more.

It detects and restores files that are not found by other software data recovery, saving them in a destination chosen by the user.

CardRecovery 6.00 Build 1012
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Commercial Trial
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13 May 2012
WinRecovery Software
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* Data Compare
- Fixed resizing columns when the splitter is not in the middle.
* File Formats
- Opening the File Formats dialog from a file view now automatically focuses on the current file format.
* File Views
- Fixed files with a UCS-2 byte order mark incorrectly detecting as binary.
- Fixed browse dialog crashing when collapsing a folder while loading another.
* Hex Compare
- Increased "bytes per line" limit to 1024.
- Fixed readability when the "Difference Enhancer" option is enabled.
* Misc
- Added workaround for conflict with Logitech's SetPoint software.
- Added "Browse" command to browse edit/combobox popup menus.
- Activating a view now forces scrolling to its tab header if necessary.
- Fixed incorrect toolbar hints in translated builds on Windows 9x.
- Fixed crash on startup if any of the settings files had an invalid date.
- Fixed Windows 7 information in support zip.
- Fixed "Import Settings" to always correctly list what will be imported.
- Fixed file sizes not to be displayed in scientific notation.
* Options
- Fixed setting Backup "in this folder" option.
* Picture Compare
- Fixed crash when comparing malformed EMF files.
- Fixed "Swap Sides" handling of image transparency.
- Fixed handling of replacements/gray scale/red scale/blue scale.
* Reports
- Renamed text report's "Left is source" option to "Strikeout left orphans".
* Scripting
- Added "strikeout-left-orphans" option for "interleaved" TEXT-REPORT. E.g., text-report layout:interleaved options:strikeout-left-orphans output-to:printer


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