Beyond Compare 4.2.7

Scooter Software Inc - ( Shareware)

Beyond Compare is a great tool for those who need to compare the files and folders on their Windows system.

Beyond Compare is a simple utility that allows users to quickly and easily compare their files and folders.

It allows to view the differences between files or folders compared using several methods of comparison such as CRC check, comparison of text, data, versions, MP3 comparison, image and hexadecimal comparison, file attributes, binary comparison, MP3 comparison, and others. It displays items compared side by side or above and below components and highlights their differences.

Text files can be edited with the integrated editor and it is possible to determine specific rules for documents, source code and HTML files.

Beyond Compare allows to upgrade the files, synchronize directories, check the copies of data, or to analyze the differences of the source code files and finally generate reports of recordings.

Beyond Compare 4.2.7
File Size:
21.1 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
26 Oct 2018
Scooter Software Inc
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Notable Changes
Windows/macOS: Improved PDF to text extraction and layout.
Linux: Added KDE5 Dolphin integration and fixed support for Ubuntu 18.04 Nautilus integration.
Bug fixes.

Windows: Upgraded 7-zip to 18.05.
Patched 7-zip vulnerability CVE-2018-10115. Beyond Compare was not affected because it uses RARLAB's official UnRAR library, but 7-zip's included decoder is now patched too.
Updated Windows UnRAR.dll to v5.61.1 and Unix libunrar to v5.6.6.

File Formats
Windows/macOS: Upgraded PdfToText to 4.00.01, switched to 64-bit builds where appropriate, and changed the output to use the new -simple layout option.
Added "*.dsql" to "SQL" file format.

Linux: Added KDE5 Dolphin integration. Thank you Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) for the new version!
Linux: Fixed installer for Nautilus integration in Ubuntu 18.04.
Windows: Fixed Japanese and Simplified Chinese installers including French CHM file.

Picture Compare
Improved error handling for malformed PPM images and added support for reading 16-bit per channel ASCII PPM files and scaling them down to 8 bits per channel.

Fixed "Too many open files" errors when generating file comparison reports of many files.

macOS: Fixed startup crash on macOS Mojave 10.14 beta 4 (build 18A336e).
Windows: Fixed crash when trying to close a tab from the taskbar preview while the form has a modal dialog open.


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