Beyond Compare 4.2.5

Scooter Software Inc - ( Shareware)

Beyond Compare is a great tool for those who need to compare the files and folders on their Windows system.

Beyond Compare is a simple utility that allows users to quickly and easily compare their files and folders.

It allows to view the differences between files or folders compared using several methods of comparison such as CRC check, comparison of text, data, versions, MP3 comparison, image and hexadecimal comparison, file attributes, binary comparison, MP3 comparison, and others. It displays items compared side by side or above and below components and highlights their differences.

Text files can be edited with the integrated editor and it is possible to determine specific rules for documents, source code and HTML files.

Beyond Compare allows to upgrade the files, synchronize directories, check the copies of data, or to analyze the differences of the source code files and finally generate reports of recordings.

Beyond Compare 4.2.5
File Size:
20.6 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
17 Jun 2018
Scooter Software Inc
MD5 Checksum:

Cloud Services:
Fixed uploads to Dropbox failing silently for files larger than 150 MB.
Command Line:
Linux: Fixed timing issue that could hang the launcher script.
Linux: Fixed exit code 100 when multiple users launch BC with the same temp folder.
File Formats:
Improved "XML Tidy" handling of user defined entities.
Fixed "XML Sort" and "XML Tidy" to preserve original character encoding.
Folder Compare:
Linux: Fixed support for 'Align filenames with different Unicode normalization forms'.
Version information is now shown for any file types associated with the Version Compare.
Fixed file operation "Pause/Resume" button's hint when paused.
Unix: Fixed file timestamps being off by up to 2 seconds due to a lossy UTC <-> local conversion.
Fixed SFTP/SCP connections not closing after an error (e.g., user cancel on "Unrecognized SSH host key" dialog).
Added Simplified Chinese as an official language for Windows and macOS.
Linux: Added context menus for KDE5.
Windows: Fixed BcClipboard incompatibility with MS Excel, PowerShell ISE, and Visual Studio.
Updated copyright date to 2018.
MacOS: Fixed displaying version and copyright info in Finder's "Get Info" dialog.
Generated reports are now encoded with ANSI if both input files are ANSI on Windows, and UTF-8 for all other cases. The UTF-8 byte order mark is only written on Windows.
Folder Compare Reports using "Include links to file reports" now uses child session settings.
Text Edit:
Find & Replace "Replace with" can now use \n and \r to add line breaks when using regular expressions.
Text Views:
Fixed copying forcibly wrapped lines.
Fixed Picture Compare "Summary" report crash.


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