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Join multiple IRC channels at the same time and chat live with hundreds of online, publicly or privately friends with XChat.

XChat is an IRC chat program that allows to join multiple groups simultaneously, in public or in private conversations. The application module also includes a file transfer. Simply enter the username, indicate the network and the channels desired to integrate.

Xchat is well-known thanks to its compatibility with most operating systems IRC client. The standard options, such as server selection, colors, menus with basic commands, etc all are present. In addition, it has nice features like the ability to connect to multiple servers (multiserver).

The user can also easily edit most menus to customize the chat room. The software is available for most operating systems. The tool is lightweight, comfortable to use and can be used in graphical mode as in console mode. It is no longer necessary to install the GTK + Runtime Environment library for Windows users.

XChat 2.8.9
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28 Aug 2010
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- The balloon time is now adjustable via /set input_balloon_time <seconds>.
- The /Ghost command's password parameter is now optional.
- Updated the default IRC network list with various additions.
- When switching tabs, made the treeview only scroll if the selected item isn't visible.
- The Search/Find window can now be closed with the ESC key.
- Selecting an item in the nickmenu will now copy it to clipboard.
- New icons for notification area (systray).
- For the auto-join command, added an 'x' filler for empty keys. This works around a bug in ircd-seven.
- Lifted a limitation which only allowed the auto-join list to be 255 characters long.
- When a single channel-MODE changes, xchat will no longer re-issue a MODE request for the titlebar display, but figure the new modes intelligently.
- A favorite networks feature has been added to the network list.
- Various text event changes:
* Added "Private Action", "Private Action to Dialog", "SSL Message".
* Added "Identified text" parameter all the 'action' events.
* Added a $3 parameter to "Server Text".
- Plugin API changes:
* Added 'gtkwin_ptr' to xchat_get_info.
* Added DCC fields 'poshigh' and 'resumehigh'.


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