The Bat! Home Edition 5.4.8

RITLABS - (Commercial Trial)

The Bat! gives a fresh air to the emails and is highly customizable allowing to create email templates according to users desire.

The Bat! is an great e-mail client with all the functions needed by an informed user. It allows to work without local mail server. The Bat! does all that an e-mail client is expected to do.

The Bat! allows, like most modern clients, colorize emails to differentiate or prioritize, archive a series of emails in a folder or automatically classify emails that come from one of the contacts. It includes, in addition, its own spell checker.

The software offers the possibility to create templates and configure the Inbox Analyzer to automatically respond to certain emails based on determined criteria.

Incidentally, The Bat! allows import and export formats of the main mail software competitor.

The Bat! Home Edition 5.4.8
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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Commercial Trial
Date Added:
12 Sep 2013
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# New Features
* The option of locking The Bat!'s interface toolbars has been implemented.
# Improvements
* The /LOG_PGP_COMMAND_LINE command line parameter has been implemented
* The default mail server settings for,,,, have been added
# Fixes
* The issue related to the processing of the print command invoked via the key combination Ctrl+P in The Bat!'s internal Image Viewer has been fixed.
* The Invert case feature now works properly in all The Bat!'s editors for all the regional languages of the operating system.
* The reply counter in the German language "AW:" now works as the reply counter in the English language "Re:".
* The issue related to pressing AltGr in the mail editor for Hungarian and German keyboard layouts has been fixed.
* The search function in Cookies has been fixed.
* The negative counters issue in IMAP accounts, caused by the access of more than one client, has been fixed.
* Outlook Express contacts could not be imported.
* Creating messages using HTML-templates with images could lead to the loss of the last angle bracket.


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