The Bat! Home Edition 5.3.4

RITLABS - (Commercial Trial)

The Bat! gives a fresh air to the emails and is highly customizable allowing to create email templates according to users desire.

The Bat! is an great e-mail client with all the functions needed by an informed user. It allows to work without local mail server. The Bat! does all that an e-mail client is expected to do.

The Bat! allows, like most modern clients, colorize emails to differentiate or prioritize, archive a series of emails in a folder or automatically classify emails that come from one of the contacts. It includes, in addition, its own spell checker.

The software offers the possibility to create templates and configure the Inbox Analyzer to automatically respond to certain emails based on determined criteria.

Incidentally, The Bat! allows import and export formats of the main mail software competitor.

The Bat! Home Edition 5.3.4
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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Commercial Trial
Date Added:
04 Dec 2012
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# New features
- Added the support for PGP 10.0.2
- Added a new item "Workspace" to the Main Menu
- The "Mark replied messages as read automatically" option has been added to the account's properties and set as default for the new accounts
# Improvements
- The Bat! now adds SmimeCapailities attribute to signed messages
- Message Search now starts from the latest messages in the local folders
- Messages about invalid Regular Expressions in the sorting rules are now stored in the account log and a warning is given when a filter contains wrong Regular Expressions
- Read Filters are now executed in an additional thread (in order to reduce workload on the main thread)
- The "AFTER" condition is placed before the "BEFORE" condition in the Message Finder dialogue (to specify date interval more naturally)
- Message Dispatcher: Creation Date/Time is now shown accordingly to the message list settings
- Fixes in the HTML Viewer form (the settings description was not visible)
- "Check for updates when The Bat! starts" option has been moved from the stand-alone tab in the "Preferences" dialog to the "Confirmations" section
- Better handling of additional mouse buttons
- A note was added to the "Shortcut Editor" dialogue that only one shortcut per item is supported (Toolbar2000 limitation)
- When a message is created from an address book, the Subject field is focused by default, if that field is empty; if the Subject is not empty (e.g. filled by a template), then the message body is focused
- Separate settings for the Quick Reply pane in additional message viewers
- IMAP. A folder should be unsubscribed before deletion (some servers are known to keep subscription for the deleted folders)
- IMAP. More smart algorithm to determine UIDs of appended messages in the absence of the UIDPLUS extension
# Fixes
- When an IMAP folder's cache was checked for integrity, partially loaded messages were generating errors
- IMAP. Remotely stored viewable attachments were not shown as tabs
- IMAP. "Access Violation" error message when trying to view a message containing an image as the sole element of structure (message has Content-Type: image/*)
- IMAP. The "BEFORE" and "AFTER" criteria produced an invalid "SEARCH" command
- IMAP. Some filter actions could not be executed, if a message was stored remotely (full message had to be downloaded into the local cache)
- "Access Violation" error message when closing the "Select folders" dialogue for virtual folders (if nothing was selected in folder tree)
- When Microsoft CryptoAPI implementation was used for TLS, and a certificate did contain multiple hosts, The Bat! took only one host
- White-space characters must be skipped in BASE64-encoded message part
- Message Source Viewer was not using colours from the Preferences
- "Copy folder columns settings" was working only if a View Mode was associated with a folder
- Original messages were not marked as read when they were replied to
- Source View was not decrypting message source in the OTFE mode
- The "Limit first column auto-expansion" option was not working in threaded message lists
- Folder maintenance could not be stopped
- Sometimes The Bat! did import Microsoft Outlook messages without attachments
- It was not possible to define delivery type for forwarding several messages to the same address(es)
- Multiple messages to the same address were forwarded with the source messages attached
- Warning about group deletion if a group contained only one message displayed as the root of a tree branch
- The Bat! didn't check for updates at start-up even when this option was configured ON
- Some valid JPEG images were reported as damaged on image tab
- Images with internally unsupported formats were reported as damaged
- Accelerator "R" was used for several fields in "Search And Replace" dialog
- It wasn't possible to use macros in account name portion of folder path in "move/copy" filter action
- Wrong "Reply-To" header when a message was sent after editing it "as new"
- Possible errors caused by the deletion of a View Mode, when it was used in a visible message list
- Sometimes the "Read filters" could not be triggered
- The default external image download rule was always reset to "Reject unknown" after the programme restart, if no additional rules were defined


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