TeamTalk - ( Freeware)

Discussing face-to-face with friends or colleagues located in different places of the world is no longer impossible and TeamTalk is making it possible while offering many features.

TeamTalk is a videoconferencing software that allows user to keep audio and video conversations with friends and / or colleagues while sharing documents, start a discussion on a local network or the Internet, invite an unlimited number of contacts and create public or private discussion.

TeamTalk also allows sending instant messages. Each user can adjust the audio and record conversations on your hard drive quality.

This software allows to share all the contacts applications that a user currently use on his desktop. With this function, user can even make a video demonstration, tutorial, etc.

To foster collaborative work, TeamTalk allows to share files with other users. On each show, user can view and download shared by other users and vice versa files, he can also transfer his own so that they can enjoy.

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Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
10 Jan 2017
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# Default Qt client:
* Linux video capture updated to V4L2.
* Reduced shared library dependencies on Linux.
* Mac OS video capture updated to AVFoundation.
* Mac OS client no longer closes when pressing X.
* Video TX hotkey changed to enable/disable by one press.
* Store audio in .ogg format.
* Fixed bug when storing in 4GB .wav file.
* Fixed bug on Mac OS where some sounds where not played.
# Accessible Windows client:
* Store audio in .ogg format.
* Fixed bug when storing in 4GB .wav file.


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