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Communication cost can be substantially reduced by using Skype, a powerful application that allows to make free international calls, video conferencing and sending SMS.

Skype is a powerful video conferencing tool recently acquired by Microsoft that allows to cmmunicate with Skype, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger contacts, regardless of user location and from any access to the Internet.

Skype allows to make free international calls. The application offers other perspectives, particularly those to mount conferences, distance learning, and even more thanks to the latest innovation Visio -call. The latter allows for real-time conversations and face to face as long as the user and his partner both have a webcam.

It has the ability to produce " video conferencing " up to 10 participants.

To make a video call, just go to the contacts, verify that the contact person is online (green check mark appears next to its name) and click the contact, then "Video Call".

The conversation can also be conducted in a manner other than calling and video. The user can for example make messages via SMS. The software can also be installed on a smartphone.

The use of software in the business allows to make large profits because it reduces communication bills up.

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Skype Technologies
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