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It is impossible to be an architect and not to hear about SketchUp Make which helps to easily create sketches of buildings.

SketchUp Make is the free version of the SketchUp , 3D modeling software, animation and mapping oriented architecture. This software is characterized by simple tools (rotation, extrusion, displacement, etc.)

This tool for 3D graphics can make plans, models and 3D models. This professional tool is designed for architects, builders, designers, manufacturers and engineers. . It was designed to be very precise in his work, from pencil sketch to the speed and flexibility of the application. Moreover, it has an interface for the original exploration of 3D images.

Draw the outline of elements to model and give them volume a few clicks. The available commands allow user to move, enlarge or color surfaces as shown in the tutorials online. SketchUp Make supports import of DXF, DWG, 3DS, DAE, KMZ, TIF, JPG, and PNG files, but also export to PDF, OBJ, FBX, XSI, VRML, MP4, WEBM and AVI formats.

SketchUp Make 15.3.330
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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
06 Feb 2015
Trimble Navigation Limited
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# General Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the Dynamic Components and Classified badges were not always visible for online models in the Components browser.
- Fixed an issue where the Component browser was showing an older model version than when downloading the component in a browser.
- Fixed an issue where a Rotated Rectangle would incorrectly rotate when entering a length/width without an angle.
- Changed the SketchUp Pro title bar to show trial days remaining when in a trial.
- Windows: fixed an issue where thumbnails of SketchUp models were not visible in Windows Explorer on some machines.
- Windows: fixed an issue where links on the Learn tab of the Welcome dialog wouldnt open in a users default browser.
- Mac: fixed an issue on Yosemite where month abbreviations did not fit in the Shadows dialog.
- Mac: fixed an issue where Ruby tool icons could turn into an icon of a green zombie when the Ruby extension was removed or disabled.
- Localization: various fixes for incorrect translations and truncated translations.
# Stability Improvements:
- Fixed a crash with the Push/Pull tool when using the VCB after pushing a face up twice, selecting undo, and then selecting the face.
- Fixed a crash with the Push/Pull tool in a particular case when double clicking to repeat an operation and using the VCB.
- Fixed a crash with the Offset tool when using the VCB after offsetting certain faces.
- Fixed a crash that could occur in the Move tool when toggling on auto-fold during a copy.
- Fixed a crash when exporting certain models with text to an animation.
- Fixed a crash when exporting certain models with different style changes between scenes to an animation.
- Fixed a crash when drawing lines connecting vertices in extremely large geometry.
- Mac: fixed a crash when using Outliner to drag a component into another component which has subcomponents and is not yet expanded.
- Mac: fixed a crash when switching to another application during an animation export.
- Windows: fixed a crash that could occur on some machines when using Windows Explorer to view SketchUp models.
- Windows: fixed a crash that could occur in certain complex models when exporting to .3ds, .obj, .xsi, or vrml file types.
- Windows: fixed a crash when inserting certain components, undoing the insert, and pressing Escape while trying to drag/drop the component again.
# Exporter and Importer Improvements:
- IFC: added the ability to export transparent materials.
- IFC: added the ability to export geometry that was classified as IfcSite, IfcBuilding, or IfcBuildingStorey.
* LayOut Release Notes
# General Fixes:
- Fixed a bug on Windows related to particular fonts of symbol character sets (as opposed to ANSI) not properly rendering. We updated a text library to add support for symbol character sets, e.g., Flux Architect.
- Fixed a bug with exploding labels and dimensions, where auto-text wouldn't work anymore after undoing the explode.
- We put in a fix that changes the horizontal constrainment behavior of the label leader. The label tool will now constrain the second leader line to horizontal. Previously, the user needed to hold Shift to constrain to horizontal.
- Fixed a dwg export issue that would cause some templates to export with a landscape orientation when portrait was expected and vice versa.
- Fixed a bug where window restoration would interfere with LayOut's ability to show the recovered files at launch after a crash.
- Fixed a Yosemite bug where LO's font panel accessory view wouldn't be correctly initialized when the font panel was restored (if previously open when LO quit).
- Fixed a bad German translation for the text that appears in the delete layers dialog.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the version number from showing in the About dialog for some localized versions of Style Builder.


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