SAM 1.52

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Skype calls can be answered in case of missing from the computer with KishKish SAM, offering the possibility of recording the messages.

KishKish SAM is an automated voice mail software. This application is very useful when using Skype: in case the user is not at the computer and a call is coming, it answer that call so that the user do not loose it.

It answers, reads a welcome message, emits the infamous "beep" and saves the message of the speaker. It can also record video home when called by videoconference.

The free version is limited to these features. The paid versions include a polygraph that can record a message and / or music in MP3.

SAM 1.52
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Windows XP,Windows ME,Windows 98 SE,Windows 98,Windows 2000
Trial version
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12 Jun 2023
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