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Editing a photo can not be done without adequate tolls, Paint Shop Photo Pro being a great choice for this.

Paint Shop Photo Pro is a complete image editing software that will help user easily improve the look of his images. The application supports the Twain standard that will import images directly into Paint Shop Photo Pro with a scanner or a digital camera connected to the computer. One of the main strengths of the program is its ability to open and save documents in many formats, several dozen in total. Paint Shop Pro is a complete tool for creating since manages layers, vector shapes, masks, etc. all accessories necessary for a project.

It is mainly organized around three tabs that allow the user to manage and treat photos from A to Z. Paint Shop Photo Pro will first manage the library of digital photos or images. The "Manage Photos" tab will classify and / or find photos by folder, calendar, tags, names of people, places or rankings (notes), view metadata thereof and to apply them instant filters.

Setting tab will make the first picture processing: white balance, brightness / contrast, fill light / clarity, tone mapping, sharpness and noise, rotation, erase red eye makeup and cloning.

Editing tab, meanwhile, will find the "historical" editing tools. The interface and functionality provided by this section shall not be reminiscent of a Photoshop Elements.

PaintShop Photo Pro X4
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Commercial Demo
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17 Oct 2011
Corel Corporation
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# More pro-level tools for incredible photos
* New! 75 new and enhanced features
- Enjoy a no-limits photo-editing environment that gives you the freedom to achieve your creative vision. PaintShop Pro X4 includes 75 new and enhanced features that we developed based on the needs and interests of real users, like you!
* New! High Dynamic Range (HDR) module
- Create perfectly exposed photos or stunning surrealistic images with the new HDR module. The module lets you merge photos taken at different exposures or experiment with the tonal range of your images. Choose from two modes-Exposure Merge and Batch Merge-depending on the number of images you're working on.
* New! Photo Blend
- Combine elements from several shots of the same scene to create the perfect photo. Remove unwanted cars or people from a street scene. Or choose the best smiles from several photos to create the perfect group shot.
* New! Fill Light and Clarity
- Brighten shadows without changing the rest of your image with the Fill Light and Clarity filter. It's an easy way to draw attention to subtle details and increase the texture and depth of your photos.
* New! Selective Focus
- Get the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses without the cost! Selective Focus lets you turn a scene into a miniature world. You can also use it to add depth of field and blur out distracting details.
* New! Vignette effect
- Draw attention to the focal point of your photo by applying a classic faded border around the edges. Use intuitive sliders to control the appearance of the edges by choosing the shape, color and tone, and adjusting the amount of blur, glow, and feathering.
* Enhanced! RAW Lab
- Get a better look at your images with a larger preview area in the RAW Lab. The improved histogram lets you fine-tune images quickly and the new highlight recovery feature helps you restore detail in overexposed areas.
* New! Adjustment layers
- Enjoy worry-free editing by using new adjustment layers to leave your original background image untouched while you're working. Layers are especially useful with complex editing, such as adding graphic elements, creating image compositions, and applying artistic enhancements or text.
* Enhanced! 16-bit support
- Enjoy greater precision and flexibility with extended 16-bit support for over 20 tools and adjustments—including Scratch Remover, Paint Brush, Object Remover, Color Replacer, Warp Brush, Mesh Warp, Background Eraser and more!
* Bonus! WinZip® Pro
- WinZip® Pro is your one-stop solution for file compression, encryption, sharing and data backup, helping you save space, work faster and keep your files secure! (Available as a free download.)
* Bonus! Corel® KPT® Collection Plug-in Filters
- A natural addition to your photo-editing software, the KPT Collection includes 24 creative plug-in filters that help you quickly create remarkable image transformations and original effects. (Available upon product registration.)
* Plus! Comprehensive full color printed User Guide
- Get the PaintShop Pro X4 User Guide when you purchase the box version! This complete full color manual helps you get the most out of your new software.
# A more intuitive workflow
* Enhanced! Redesigned workspace
- Welcome to a more enjoyable photo-editing experience! The PaintShop Pro X4 interface has been redesigned with separate Manage, Adjust and Edit workspaces so it's easy to find the tools you need when you need them. Plus, the Organizer is now available from every workspace.
* New! Shot Info Panel
- Everything you need to know about your image, including the camera it was shot with and the settings, is available at a glance in this new panel.
* New! Dual monitor support
- Manage your photos on one screen while editing on the other.
# Focused on performance
* Enhanced! Speed and performance
- With performance updates that include GPU optimizations, the PaintShop Pro X4 interface is fast and responsive—in fact, this version launches more than 50 per cent faster than the previous release.
* Enhanced! Real-time results
- Noise Reduction, Vibrancy, Tone Mapping and many other real-time effects are significantly faster, letting you see results as you work.


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