Opera 60.0.3255.83 Browser for PC Windows

Opera Software - ( Freeware)

Opera is a strong competitor for the major web browser which have many useful features that makes it a good choice.

Opera Web browser offers an alternative to the large market of browser for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Opera Web browser use a new rendering engine used in Chromium that offers increased speed.

Opera also includes the Speed ​​Dial feature that allows to combine the most visited pages and go directly to the opening of a new tab.

The famous browser adds an "all terrain" mode that accelerates the loading of pages on small connections through proxy servers Opera Foundation. Opera now centralizes catches web pages in one easy to access place for the easily find. Finally, the software suggests Web sites based on visited web pages.

In addition, the Quick Find feature allows you to quickly find a previously visited web page and it just by typing one or more keywords in the address bar. In addition, a built against malware and phishing system is provided and you can see improvements in the speed of email clients and RSS.

Opera 60.0.3255.83 Browser for PC Windows
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2.1 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Date Added:
09 May 2019
Opera Software
MD5 Checksum:

DNA-75369 Torch red instead of salmon/radical red as alert text
DNA-75557 [Mac] Favicon meant for dark-theme isnt displayed in menus
DNA-75603 [Dark] menus check mark/icon should change color when hovered
DNA-75727 [Dark] Settings: wrong colours in subsettings
DNA-75956 [Mac] No shadow in leftmost part of toolbar
DNA-76353 [Mac] Dragged tab is not refreshed
DNA-76392 Bookmark list in folders: arrows too dark
DNA-76506 Confirmation dialog is too close to Install button
DNA-76594 [Mac] Tab hover needless space between tabs
DNA-76606 [WinLin] Favicon meant for dark-theme isnt displayed in menus
DNA-76670 Wrong favicon on history page for https://www.nytimes.com/
DNA-76844 [Mac] Buttons in Download and Feedback popovers dont look like other native buttons when in dark mode
DNA-76950 [CryptoWallet] Handle device registration expiration
DNA-76980 [Lin] Tooltips in dark theme
DNA-77110 [mac] Color of favicon in private window is changing sometimes
DNA-77248 [Win10&Lin] Autofill is unreadable when system theme is dark
DNA-77256 Bookmarks editing in dark mode
DNA-77345 [CryptoWallet] Dismiss QR code when it expires
DNA-77464 Cannot make a snap of website part hidden above upper edge
DNA-77467 [Mac] The extensions sidebar is white in dark theme
DNA-77490 [Mac] Opera window does not open when clicking on the icon
DNA-77498 Exponential backoff isnt always applied to proxy discovery
DNA-77571 Highlighted O-menu inverse colour when sidebar is hidden
DNA-77663 [es-ES] Translations missing
DNA-77696 Bring back start-page preload service to stabilization branches
DNA-77702 Default startpage wallpaper renders very slowly if you dont have hardware acceleration


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