Netscape 9.0 RC 1

Netscape - (Freeware)

Netscape is a web browser that has many interesting features that makes it a good choice for the users.

Netscape is a web browser equipped with may modern features. It provides many security, searching and profile options that makes it a good choice for the user.It has in case of a website that is not displayed correctly allowing the selection of the rendering engine of Internet Explorer without launching Microsoft's browser.

Netscape also offers tabbed browsing, bar services like weather, news,  and more.

In a matter of security the web browser offers advanced options that allow the user to define a confidence level for each site. Netscape incorporates anti- phishing technology that can detect the sites scams practice. Firefox search engine and Internet Explorer displaying the sites that are not "compatible" are displayed wrong with this browser. 

Netscape 9.0 RC 1
File Size:
5.8 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
01 Oct 2007
MD5 Checksum:

* Added splash screen
* Fixed formatting bug in Mac license
* Fixed a bug that was preventing custom background colors
* Mini-browser enhancements
* Removed social news integration
* Exposed more preferences in the Preference Dialog for tabs and the mini-browser
* Fixed reversed preference for opening searches in new tab
* Fixed Mac bundle signature
* Fixed default icon and file assocations
* Moved custom FTP style out of userContent.css
* Added URL correction preferences to Advanced Preferences page
* Added drop-down menu to print button
* Added drop-down menu to home button
* Added Firefox profile importing
* Added support for importing Netscape 8 bookmarks after the initial install
* Fixed theme issues on Linux
* Fixed truncation of Reload button label
* Fixed bugs with URL correction and country codes
* Added "Save to Linkpad" option to History context menu


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