Netscape 9.0 Beta 3

Netscape - (Freeware)

Netscape is a web browser that has many interesting features that makes it a good choice for the users.

Netscape is a web browser equipped with may modern features. It provides many security, searching and profile options that makes it a good choice for the user.It has in case of a website that is not displayed correctly allowing the selection of the rendering engine of Internet Explorer without launching Microsoft's browser.

Netscape also offers tabbed browsing, bar services like weather, news,  and more.

In a matter of security the web browser offers advanced options that allow the user to define a confidence level for each site. Netscape incorporates anti- phishing technology that can detect the sites scams practice. Firefox search engine and Internet Explorer displaying the sites that are not "compatible" are displayed wrong with this browser. 

Netscape 9.0 Beta 3
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5.6 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
16 Aug 2007
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* New preferences in Tabs panel of Preferences dialog
* Added "Link Pad" to the "Clear Private Data" dialog
* Fixed issue with Link Pad icon blinking indefinitely
* Added News preferences to pane of Preferences dialog
* Fixed bug with feed processor that was causing both a memory leak and excessive CPU usage
* Added tab preference for opening bookmarks
* Added tab preference for links opened by integrated components
* Changed URL correction confirmation to be enabled by default
* Fixed bug in URL correction that was interrupting the auto-addition of "www" and ".com"
* Fixed bug that caused the "Confirm corrections" item in the Location bar's context menu to be hidden
* Added button in preferences to easily disable integration
* Various performance fixes


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