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The codec used by a particular video is now very easy to find using the useful application named MediaInfo.

MediaInfo is a quick and effective tool developed to offer detailed information about the multimedia documents such as the codec used by a particular video.

The application is able to scan the files and then indicate the audio (MP3, Flac, AAC, WMA) and video (DivX, XviD, H264/AVC, WMV) codecs used. A link to the website to download the codec is also available, offering the possibility to install the codecs in a very convenient way.

MediaInfo is able to provide lots of information, including the number of frames per second, the rate used, the sampling frequency audio tracks or the number of channels available. MediaInfo also integrates to the context menu of Windows Explorer to access information from a sequence with a few clicks.

Its interface is more than simple: with just a point to the file or directory containing audio files and / or video it scans them presenting the result in different ways such as table, tree, plain text, or HTML page. Data can also be exported into text, HTML or CSV.

MediaInfo 19.04
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5.5 MB
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Open Source
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25 Apr 2019
Publisher: SARL
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+ USAC: DRC effect types, Sample peak level, True peak level, Program loudness
+ HDR: SMPTE ST 2094 App 4 (including HDR10+) support
+ HDR: move HDR10, Dolby Vision and SL-HDR meta to specific generic "HDR Format" lines
+ Matroska: SMPTE ST 2086 (HDR10) support
+ Matroska: FieldOrder support
+ HEIF image format support
+ AV1: support of AV1 in MP4, HEIF, IVF
+ MOV: Add a lot more countries to AppleStoreCountry field internal list
+ MXF: Fix memory leak when fully parsing big file with acquisition metadata
+ HEVC: more HEVC profiles (Multiview, Scalable, Screen Content...)
+ AAC: better handling of corrupted streams
+ AAC: better handling of unknown channel layouts
+ AVC in MP4: better support of corrupted streams
x B1101, AVI: fix crash with some invalid streams
x B1101, SMPTE ST 337: fix crash with some invalid streams
x Matroska: chapters timestamp were not display if chapters have no name
x MXF: Fix false positive truncated file detection when there is no Random Index Pack
x AAC: channel layout typos (Rls instead of Lrs, Lr instead of Rb)
x ProRes: correctly show color space if alpha plane is present
x MPEG Audio: some VBR files use "Info" Xing header, so we ignore the difference between "Info" and "Xing"
x I943, MPEG-4: wrong display aspect ratio in some corner cases (32-bit release only)
x I1096, OGG: assign METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE tag to cover


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