Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

Maxthon International Ltd - ( Freeware)

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a great alternative to Internet Explorer internet browser with many option for customizing.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a powerful cross-platform browser that works on both Windows and Mac, Android or iPhone. Maxthon uses only a small portion of system resources when surfing with a highly integrated user interface. It synchronizes data, browsing history and tabs with the device of your choice and allows you to create your own storage in the cloud.

Being alternative to Internet Explorer, which used its rendering engine, but added many features such as tabbed browsing, a lot of plugins, the possibility of Skinner interface, customizable menu bar, parametrized around and more information.

Being compatible with Windows 8, Maxthon Cloud Browser offers a highly customizable interface, quick start and smooth navigation experience. It offers the possibility to swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon's tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts.

Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta
File Size:
58.6 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
27 Feb 2018
Maxthon International Ltd
MD5 Checksum:

This update optimized the following features:
Upgraded browser's core to Chromium 61.
Log in notification pop-up after adding a number of favorites under guest mode.
Upgrade sidebar's HAHA extension.
Optimized browser's reminder system and interface.
Upgrade UI on Maxnote's management page.
This update fixed the following issues:
Fixed the issue of log in status displayed error in new tab under special cases.
Fixed the issue of new tab displayed blank under special cases.
Fixed the issue of URL in address bar can't be copied normally under special cases.
Fixed the issue of Ctrl+mouse scroll is invalid on maximize/minimize web pages under special cases.
Fixed the issue of Maxnote will continue to synchronize and shows no error notification when Maxthon Account is offline.
Fixed the issue of modifying the folder name on Maxnote will not sync on left directory.
Fixed the issue of imported Maxnote to favorite folder will be set as favorite automatically.
Fixed the issue of password generator requires user to refresh the web page to be effective after changing the password rules.
Fixed the issue of feature area displayed incompletely on IQIYIs pops up window.


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