MailWasher Free 7.3.0

MailWasher - (Freeware)

Handling unwanted mail like spam using filters on the content and the sender of the messages is very easy to be done with MailWasher Free.

MailWasher Free is a tool to fight against spam by filtering emails. It can check any email arrived in the e-mail to detect spam messages. Besides, it can alert user with a message of notification of the arrival of the latter to allow him to view and delete spam before downloading.

It lets user configure its settings to suit his needs to consider a message as spam. Thus, it may perform a filter, creating a black list, define a certain message type, etc. MailWasher Free is a free anti-spam software for POP3 email accounts.

MailWasher Free 7.3.0
File Size:
14.3 MB
Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / XP64
Date Added:
08 Dec 2013
MD5 Checksum:

- Feature: Envelope toggle for showing/hiding emails is now sticky on restart
- Feature: Added DELETE button into message preview icons
- Improved Contact Importer
- Improved Account Importer
- Fix for erroneous crash reports being triggered on Windows 8
- Fix for Startup shortcut not being added properly during a full install
- Fix for duplicate entries in Friends and Blacklist synchronisation
- Fix for MailWasher automatically scrolling past the VIEW HTML button in message preview
- Fix for MailWasher not automatically resizing message preview icons when space is too small
- Updated language files
- Misc small tweaks and fixes


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