IsoBuster 4.4

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Data recovery from a damaged or poorly written optic supports is possible and easy to make with IsoBuster which also allow to browse the contents of an image file.

ISOBuster is an excellent tool developed to recover damaged or poorly written data stored on a CD, DVD, HD-DVD or BD, regardless of their format (Video, Audio, Image, Data). It is effective because it can recover files that can be read by Windows which makes it very convenient.

The application is also able to extract the contents of disk images to ISO, BIN, IMG, DAO, TAO, NRG formats, etc. Very easy to use, this program lists all the available items for all sessions on the media inserted in the drive, and user just have to select the documents to be retrieved.

One of the most interesting thing about IsoBuster is its ability to recognize the CD image files namely: DAO (Duplicator), TAO (Duplicator), ISO (Nero, Blindread, Creator), BIN (CDRWin), IMG (CloneCD), CCD (CloneCD) ,CIF (Creator), FCD (uncompressed), NRG (Nero), GCD (Prassi), P01 (Toast), C2D (WinOnCD), CUE (CDRWin), CDI (DiscJuggler) CD (CD- i OptImage), GI (PrimoDVD) PXI (PlexTools), MDS (Alcohol), MDF (Alcohol), VC4 (Virtual CD) B5T (BlindWrite) B5i (BlindWrite) DMG (Apple Macintosh) IBP (IsoBuster) or IBQ (IsoBuster).

IsoBuster 4.4
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Windows 2000,Windows Vista,Windows 2012,Windows 10,Windows XP,Windows 8,Windows 2003,Windows 2008,Windows 98,Windows 7
Trial version
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18 Jun 2019
Smart Projects
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