IrfanView 4.32

Irfan Skiljan - (Non-Commercial Freeware)

IrfanView is a great choice to view photos with a simple, efficient and lightweight tool.

Irfanview is a free program designed for photo management. It is mainly intended for beginners in the field, but has all the tools it takes to do the work of a professional.

IrfanView can quickly visualize a multitude of graphics, video and audio formats. It allows, among other things, open the following file formats: JPEG, Jpeg 2000, PhotoCD, GIF, ANI, CUR, TIF, ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, SWF, WAV, ASF, MOV, BMP, DIB, RLE, GIF, PNG, JPG, PCX, DCX a viewer, Multipage PCX, TGA, RAS, CUR, ANI, PSD, AVI, MPEG, MID, RMI, AIF, AU, SND, WMF, EMF, IFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, EPS, LWF , CLP, CAM, G3, PSP, ICL, Video CD, SFW, Icons in EXE / DLL, PCD, and more.

Functions like slideshow, scan, e-mail, printing and automated conversion are available. IrfanView is compatible with the effects of Photoshop Filter Factory. The program also allows reading EXIF / IPTC data.

User can add a variety of plugins (to play MP3s, shockwave).

With this application it is possible to draw, modify or tag pictures. Creating a slideshow is also facilitated. Simply select the photos you want to show in the desired order of appearance, and once that is done, it remains to be saved in the format. Exe or .Scr. It is even possible to burn it to a CD.

IrfanView 4.32
File Size:
1.5 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Non-Commercial Freeware
Date Added:
19 Dec 2011
Irfan Skiljan
MD5 Checksum:

- Improved Resampling (Speed; Lanczos artefacts: thanks to Marcel Lancelle)
- New feature: Add watermark image (Edit menu and Advanced batch dialog)
- Improved zooming: CTRL + wheel (keep mouse coordinates) and centered zoom
- Support for WebP format (Weppy format, PlugIn, reading + saving)
- Support for PDN format (Paint.NET format, PlugIn, thanks to ComSquare AG)
- Support for XCF format (GIMP format, PlugIn, thanks to ComSquare AG)
- Face Detection Plugin (Thumbnails window, thanks to MulticoreWare guys)
- New JPG save option: Try to save with original (estimated) JPG quality
- Improved/changed sort menus (XP/natural order)
- New batch rename option: Run test rename
- New Thumbnails menu: Refresh selected thumbs
- Batch dialog, Output directory: Placeholders are now allowed
- New Properties dialog: Zoom / Color management
- New expert zoom option: Edit table with fixed zoom values (Properties->Zoom)
- New fullscreen options: Center image, Text layer (Properties->Fullscreen)
- New option in "Create multipage TIF/PDF" dialog: Load filenames from TXT file
- New options in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow Unicode PlugIn to change text
- New command line option: /cmdexit (close current IrfanView after command line)
- TIF bug with SGILog compressed images fixed (reported by Secunia, thanks!)
- New special INI option to hide common folders in Open/Save dialog (see FAQs)
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + K = Keep Scroll position


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