FrostWire 6.8.2

FrostWire - (Free)

FrostWire is a free software alternative for sharing file over the Internet, allowing to download large files.

FrostWire is a P2P client application for sharing files over the Gnutella network. With a simple and nice interface, user can easily access data on the Internet and share his video, audio, images, etc. It also offers the possibility to download documents by inserting the IP address in the corresponding field.

The program is very useful for downloading large files, because it avoids to restart the download from the beginning in case of failure. Its intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface allows easy handling, being in the same time, compatible with the bit torrent protocol.

It does not carry either spyware or advertising or other dangerous software in the installation file.

FrostWire loads a function that allows the discussion with other users. Listening to online radio is also on the program. Embedded audio and video player make it easy viewing or listening to these kinds of files.

FrostWire 6.8.2
Windows 2003,Windows 2000,Windows Vista,Windows 10,Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8
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03 Oct 2019
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