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Fraps is very popular among the "Gamers" due to the features regarding the number of frames per second of a game that it displays and for recording sequences of video games.

Fraps is a software for screen capture offers both display the number of frames per second of a game (FPS), to make screenshots and finally record sequences of video games.

Once installed, the control panel allows to choose the size and number of frames per second of the video (25 to 60), and / or the format of the captures screen, and keyboard shortcuts to those above . The videos can include sound, and an option that allows to make screen captures at regular intervals.

The program saves screenshots in BMP, JPEG, PNG and TGA formats with Timer option that automates the task of making capture. For videos, the recording can be done in half or full resolution at 30, 50 or 60 FPS, stereo or multi-channel, all in AVI format.

Fraps can also achieve benchmarks between two points a game and export the results. Once the parameters have been set, it will just reduce it and run the game activating keyboard shortcuts (screen capture , video capture, benchmark) .

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09 Oct 2019
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