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Foxit Software - ( Non-Commercial Freeware)

Foxit Reader is a small utility with a very easy to use and clean interface for reading and print quickly PDF documents.

Foxit Reader provides the ability to view and print PDF documents. Foxit Reader is a free software to enable very popular read documents in PDF format. Unlike Acrobat Reader , Foxit PDF Reader is lightweight and load documents much faster than its competitor, which makes it a very good alternative.

About its features, it offers a zoom function or full screen, a text mode, a search in the document, the ability to add annotations and some preference options for the shape and layout. It also has a screen capture function, you just have to select the area to capture on the screen so that it is recorded directly into the clipboard. Foxit Reader is multilingual, it is possible to choose the language in which you feel more comfortable (for this when choosing your language, the software offers to download directly via the corresponding interface Foxit Reader pack only a few seconds). Many features and benefits are available and make this program one of the best PDF readers.

Foxit Readeris very secure.It will never connect to the Internet without users' permission like other PDF readers thatsilently connect to the Internet in the background.

Foxit Reader
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36.0 MB
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Non-Commercial Freeware
Date Added:
24 Sep 2014
Foxit Software
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* New Features
- Shared Review for Desktop and Mobile Users
- 2D Barcode Displaying
- Optimized PCL Printing
- Free-form Annotation with PSI (Pressure Sensitive Ink)
- Bi-directional Language Support
- Signature Verification on XFA Forms
- Friendly Ribbon Customization
- Stronger Security from RMS Plugin (Enterprise Only)
- Create PDFs with RMS Encryption (Enterprise Only)
* Improvements
- Text Copy with Formatting Maintained
- SharePoint Network Drive Support
- GPO Improvement (Enterprise Only)
* Issues Addressed
- Fixed the critical issues on Microsoft Touch Screen where:
> Users cannot exit Full Screen Mode;
> Users cannot bring out the context menu by tap-and-hold;
> Users cannot move up or down the annotation objects.
- Fixed an issue where an error prompted when users emailed a file with CJK characters in the file name if Windows locale was set to English.


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