Fences 3.05

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Fences is practical, effective and fun way to personalize and quickly rethink the organization of the Windows desktop.

Practical and well thought out, Fences helps to "clean" the desktop by grouping shortcuts, documents and folders in several thematic overlay pens. Indeed, the software automatically collects the last within groups (folders, software, bookmarks, etc.) separated by frames. Each of the frames may then be designed (the position change, size change, etc.). Thereafter, a simple double-click on the desktop will suffice to show or hide icons.

Beginners and advanced users will find their account. Two configuration modes are available, a wizard to set up the device in a few clicks and a manual mode to enter the details. Icon positions before change is automatically saved and can be restored easily by selecting the Snapshot Backups option in the Tools menu.

The user will be able to quickly customize the positioning of "fence" by selecting one of the seven available models. User can adjust the color, transparency, brightness, contrast enclosures, but also set up the tracks and rename them. The "fences" can be moved and resized. If one of them had proved too small to display all the icons, a discreet elevator will appear. The new shortcuts are not automatically classified, it will do more than the simple move by gliding / deposited. Icing on the cake, you can hide all the icons and "fences" by double-clicking a pen. Double- click on the desktop will make everything reappear.

Fences 3.05
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11.8 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Commercial Trial
Date Added:
27 Jul 2017
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FEATURE: Added simplified Chinese Localization.
UPDATE: Heuristic improvements (icons go where they should go and shouldn't fall out of fences).
UPDATE: Improved start process (users were having to right-click on desktop to show Fences).
UPDATE: Fixed Folder Portal spacing for Windows 10 Insider Redstone-3 Fast Track, spacing logic tweak for RS2.
UPDATE: Improved bug reporting.
FIX: Fixed issue where drag/drop into a roll-up fence failed.
FIX: Fixed issue where hidden icons would save excessively during mousedown events.
FIX: Fences could crash while performing activities such as switching monitors, resizing desktop area, initial startup.


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