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Browse favorite news sites without having to open multiple web pages with FeedDemon, a smart choice for the users that need quick access to their RSS feeds.

FeedDemon is a RSS reader (aggregator) that provides access to information broadcast from the favorite sites. FeedDemon synchronizes with Google Reader account, organizes flows used and also download podcasts to send to an audio player.

In addition, it is capable of displaying different streams in separate tabs, making it more practical to go, and knows to be discreet by lodging next to the clock in the taskbar.

It offers many features classification, organization, filtering by keyword or visualization. In addition, it allows you to play media streams (podcasts).

Feed Demon
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08 Dec 2010
NewsGator Technologies
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* Added: My Stream - shows all starred posts, and all unread posts from the last 24 hours, in selected feeds. Designed to work best with frequently-updating status feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.)
* Added: Significant performance improvements throughout (thanks to SQLite 3.7)
* Added: Completely redesigned newspapers and reports
* Added: New "Speed Reader" and "Time Cards" newspaper styles
* Added: The "Share" newspaper icon now has a dropdown menu which replaces the annotate, email and "send to" icons
* Added: Newspaper styles can be assigned to individual watches
* Added: The subscription tree now enables viewing all items published today and yesterday
* Added: Search box added to newspaper, which enables searching only the posts displayed in the newspaper
* Added: Search results can now be opened in a new browser tab
* Added: OAuth support for Twitter feeds (here's why)
* Added: Watches can now be limited to specific folders
* Added: Significant synchronization optimizations that should result in far less traffic between FeedDemon and Google Reader for many customers
* Added: Different background color to distinguish between multiple watch keywords
* Added: HTTP error report now enables updating all feeds with errors
* Added: Added Facebook to list of search providers
* Added: The address bar no longer shows http:// in URLs unless it has the focus
* Added: Holding Shift+Delete in FeedStation deletes the selected files instead of sending them to the recycle bin
* Added: "Source" column added to FeedStation
* Added: FeedDemon now uses a built-in updater which can download and install the latest version without having to visit the download page in your browser
* Added: "Z" newspaper shortcut key which toggles the content size (Surfer style only)
* Added: "Add Feed" dialog now lets you know right away whether the feed title already exists
* Added: Ctrl= and Ctrl- now zoom the browser
* Added: Recently-published items appear in the newspaper dated "5 minutes ago," "1 hour ago," etc.
* Added: "Show thumbnail images for summaries" added to Reading tab in Options
* Added: "Reopen Closed Tab" (Shift+Ctrl+T) added to browser menu
* Added: Twitter feeds are automatically converted from RSS to Atom (since unlike the RSS version, the Atom version contains profile images). This may result in some initial duplication in Twitter feeds.
* Added: "Share this Page" added to Browse menu and tabbed browser context menu
* Added: Windows 7 taskbar icon now shows overlay when new items are received and when working offline
* Added: "Read it Later" added to share menu
* Added: FeedDemon now adjusts the update frequency of Twitter feeds when rate limiting is detected
* Added: Extra error information added to event log report for Twitter errors
* Changed: Starred items no longer count towards the max number of items kept in a feed (ex: if the feed is set to keep 100 items but five of them are starred, then 105 items will be kept)
* Changed: When grouping by starred in the news item list, starred items are now shown first
* Changed: When the login for an authenticated feed is invalid, the login dialog now only displays if FeedDemon isn't minimized and a full-screen application (such as a game) isn't active
* Changed: FeedDemon now checks for items unshared from another location
* Changed: Newspaper styles now use the extension FDXSL4 and language files use the extension FDLANG4
* Changed: "Find New Feeds" now uses Google Reader's feed finder
* Changed: Search-related features have been moved to the Tools menu
* Changed: Replaced toolbar icons in FeedStation
* Changed: "Export Event Log" has been replaced with a new "Event Log Report" (View > Reports > FeedDemon Event Log). Note that you should rarely need to use this feature - it's really only there to help track down problems.
* Changed: "Text Size" menu replaced with "Zoom" menu
* Changed: Dropped the odd/even row coloring in Surfer style
* Changed: Share, Tag, and More icons in newspaper changed to simple caption-less dropdown menus
* Changed: FeedDemon now defaults to never showing in the system tray on Windows 7
* Changed: "News items" are now called "articles"
* Changed: "Mark Read" and "Mark Unread" have been combined into single "Toggle Read" action
* Fixed: Feed properties dialog permits a blank feed URL
* Fixed: Scientific American podcasts are incorrectly downloaded with a CFM extension
* Fixed: Grouping by category in the news item list doesn't work
* Fixed: CPU spikes when updating a single feed in HTTP error report
* Fixed: Prefetch-related error messages in the status bar disappear too quickly to be read
* Fixed: Tags still appear in FeedDemon after deleting all tags in Google Reader
* Fixed: FeedStation doesn't show HTTP status code for failed downloads
* Fixed: FeedStation's error log shows bogus "error synching" messages
* Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't recognize the URLs of FDLANGs if they contain a query string
* Fixed: Subscription report doesn't remove publisher's inline styles from hyperlinks
* Fixed: Duplicates appear when re-running a watch that contains multiple keywords
* Fixed: Re-running a watch adds more items than should be kept for that watch
* Fixed: "Shared by People I Follow" shows duplicates of posts that already exist in your subscriptions
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to runs in IE8 Standards Mode
* Fixed: Navigating items using newspaper shortcuts is inaccurate
* Fixed: Enter key doesn't expand focused newspaper item
* Fixed: "Time Cards" style missing background on 64-bit Windows 7
* Fixed: Potential buffer overflow when a very long string is entered in the subscription wizard (hat tip to Luis Santana for reporting this)
* Fixed: Not enough contrast between odd rows and focused row in Surfer newspaper
* Fixed: Long headlines in Surfer newspaper are truncated
* Fixed: Unnecessary repainting/flicker of subscriptions after hitting "Next Unread" when viewing all unread items
* Fixed: Importing OPML into synched folders fails if any of the imported feeds have invalid URLs
* Fixed: Clicking a menu item is treated as a click in the newspaper when the menu appears over the newspaper
* Fixed: Time Cards style shows only a thumbnail for some comic strip feeds
* Fixed: Incorrect encoding of Twitter logins prevents updating Twitter feeds
* Fixed: Jack Brewster says I didn't warn you that installing pre-release software may impregnate your cat
* Fixed: HTML in feed title causes problems in newspaper
* Fixed: First item isn't automatically focused in newspaper
* Fixed: IE8 document compatibility registry key is set every time FeedDemon starts
* Fixed: "More" menu in newspaper doesn't enable adding to (deprecated) clippings
* Fixed: Unsharing an item in "Shared by Me" doesn't remove it from the newspaper
* Fixed: Crash when loading a feed or folder that uses an older newspaper style
* Fixed: Missing header icon in surfer which marks group as read
* Fixed: Large images may overlap description in newspaper
* Fixed: Incorrect odd/even row coloring in Surfer style
* Fixed: Unicode URLs still fail to open in external browser
* Fixed: Can't select mapped drive from Manage Cache > Backup
* Fixed: FeedDemon's sanitizer strips CSS height/width values even if they're within a reasonable range
* Fixed: Subscription Home isn't fully viewable when the screen resolution is 1024x768
* Fixed: Subtle flicker in subscription tree when marking individual items read
* Fixed: Shared items context menu doesn't enable marking all shared items read
* Fixed: Older items tagged in Google Reader don't always appear in FeedDemon
* Fixed: Ugly "new items" tray icon
* Fixed: "Missing msvcr71.dll" error when using embedded ordering wizard on Windows 7
* Fixed: Subtle bug using J/K to navigate the newspaper which causes headline to be out of view
* Fixed: News item list incorrectly groups items published at midnight
* Fixed: Items marked as "keep unread" in Google Reader don't appear as unread in FeedDemon
* Fixed: PRE sections in item descriptions may overflow
* Fixed: Subscription report displays after sync even when it shouldn't be shown
* Fixed: Subscriptions home page shows truncated text when "increase newspaper font size" is enabled
* Fixed: goo.gl and bit.ly information links treated as short URLs
* Fixed: Images in reddit.com feeds disappear when item expanded
* Fixed: Numeric values in feed/folder properties don't allow cut/copy/paste shortcuts
* Fixed: Newspaper grouping always shows in English
* Fixed: Tabbed browser re-opens URLs in the wrong order
* Fixed: Unsubscribe confirmation dialog doesn't display Unicode characters
* Fixed: MediaRSS thumbnails not extracted from Blogger Atom feeds
* Fixed: Invalid nesting of tags in Expando style
* Fixed: "New items received" message doesn't appear when viewing all unread items
* Fixed: FeedStation spikes the CPU when updating progress bar during a download
* Fixed: FeedDemon permits using commas in folder names even though they're not supported by Google Reader
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to ask to go online at startup if it was exited while working offline and "remember my login" is disabled in sync options
* Fixed: Installer uses invalid certificate
* Fixed: Missing "open in new tab" icon when showing headlines
* Fixed: Items shared by you show up in "Shared by people I follow" even if nobody else shared them
* Fixed: Feeds added to Google Reader outside this copy of FeedDemon don't show all unread items
* Fixed: "Popular in my Subscriptions" contains older posts from people you follow
* Fixed: Tag menu doesn't show the most-used tags
* Fixed: Watches aren't regularly purged of older items
* Fixed: Watches containing many future-dated items may fail to show new items
* Fixed: "Shared by People I Follow" profile images are re-downloaded every time they're displayed
* Fixed: News item list still shows unread items after marking all feeds read
* Fixed: News item list incorrectly displays Unicode category, source and author, and also fails to display Unicode group headers correctly
* Fixed: Newspaper shortcuts for previous/next page may cause browser to lose focus
* Fixed: Subscription report shows thumbnails and friend images even when "Optimize for slow connections" is enabled
* Fixed: Feeds and watches aren't re-sorted when their title is changed
* Fixed: FeedStation doesn't remember downloads if it closes due to Windows shutting down
* Fixed: Titles cut off last character when they contain HTML
* Fixed: If FeedDemon is minimized using WindowsKey+DownArrow, it restores as a minimized window about the taskbar


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