FastPictureViewer 1.9 Build 358 (32-bit)

Axel Rietschin Software Developments - ( Commercial Trial)

Simple, ergonomic and efficient, FastPictureViewer is a visualization tool designed for professionals or amateurs of photography that offers many viewing options.

FastPictureViewer is a viewer that can read photos and images in High Definition and High Resolution. By choosing a folder where the files are stored, the application will begin to display them; JPEG, TIFF, HDP, JXR, WDP, PNG, BMP, RAW and more are supported. However, write files requires the use of an extensible platform metadata (XMP).

User can choose to scroll as slideshows by defining the interval between images. The software will detect the orientation of the camera and automatically perform the necessary rotation. User also has the ability to zoom in or out on photos and display a graph showing the use of primary colors.

If the graphics card supports it, FastPictureViewer can use Direct 3D acceleration , and the RAW preview.

FastPictureViewer provides editing function opacity for sharper pictures. It also has several filters that can be activated by clicking on the image zoom. One option is to locate on Google Maps, the GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken.

FastPictureViewer 1.9 Build 358 (32-bit)
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35.5 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Commercial Trial
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25 Apr 2016
Axel Rietschin Software Developments
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