DC++ 0.707

DC++ - (Open Source)

DC++ allows users to share over the Internet all kind of files or folders.

DC++ (Direct Connect) is a free client that uses the Direct Connect Peer–to–Peer network. With it user can exchange files with other network users via Internet with no restrictions or limits. Users are grouped into groups called Hubs. Each member of the Hub is able to share files with other members. The Forums are moderated by operators.

Allowing connection to multiple servers and a "global" research, it is one of the most used software in this field.

Having no advertisements, DC++ uses less memory and works pretty fast.

DC++ 0.707
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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
21 Jun 2008
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* Fixed crash when pressing F1 twice
* [L#203213] Search results with same tth are grouped
* [L#209419] Keep nick when user goes offline
* [L#208615] Fix finished frames being spammed by segments (thanks poy)
* Fixed a potential loss of connection with compressed transfers
* Fixed crash on shell menu when browsing own file list (poy)
* Help updates (emtee, poy, bsod, pseudonym)
* [L#217878] Use system messages for file errors on nix (thanks individ)
* [L#185549] Fix connection hang on local hub connection
* [L#226188] Fix small chunks uploaded without slot (thanks pseudonym)
* [L#228059] Fix UI not updating after "Find" in a file list window yields no result (poy)
* Fixed invisible menu items in large owner-drawn menus (poy)
* [L#230972] Copy any field of hubframe userlist to clipboard (cologic)
* Prevent transfer tabs from being closed (poy)
* [dwt] Improved richedit support (thanks cologic)
* [L#228285] No "beep" sound when starting a search with the enter key (poy)
* Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8h (poy)
* [L#237396] Fix crash when segmented downloads are switched off (thanks bigmuscle)
* [L#238333] Fix a possible remote crash on partial file list requests (thanks crise)
* [L#238522] Make translations work with wide path names (poy)
* Extra mouse buttons can be used to switch between tabs (poy)
* Fixed Alt+key combinations in the file list window (poy)
* Added a drop-down menu next to the toolbar icon for favorite hubs (poy)
* [L#237682] Fix bug that would make DC++ not return correct search results
* Fixed directories not being returned when searching for directories only
* Fix wrong default settings in some cases (poy)
* Fixed favorite hubs & ADLSearch windows scrolled down when opened (emtee)
* Fix removal of multiple favorite users at the same time (poy)
* Double-click on status bars to open corresponding log files (poy)
* The number of filtered items shown in public hubs (emtee)
* [L#225592] Fix file corruption when partially downloaded file is corrupted (part emtee)
* [L#239793] Automagically retry if coral fails (thanks emtee)
* Updated Icelandic, Greek, Polish, Turkish, German, Finnish, Chinese, Slovak,
Arabic, Norwegian, Dutch, Ukranian, Czech, Spanish, Estonian, Brazilian,
Hungarian, French, UK English, Romanian, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian,
Portuguese and Slovenian translations (thanks to the respective translators)
* [L#228271] Right-click selects user in waiting users
* [L#235852] Add 1000 mbit upload speed


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