DC++ 0.706

DC++ - (Open Source)

DC++ allows users to share over the Internet all kind of files or folders.

DC++ (Direct Connect) is a free client that uses the Direct Connect Peer–to–Peer network. With it user can exchange files with other network users via Internet with no restrictions or limits. Users are grouped into groups called Hubs. Each member of the Hub is able to share files with other members. The Forums are moderated by operators.

Allowing connection to multiple servers and a "global" research, it is one of the most used software in this field.

Having no advertisements, DC++ uses less memory and works pretty fast.

DC++ 0.706
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Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Open Source
Date Added:
24 Apr 2008
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After 0.705 being stable, this version comes up with the primary fixes required by people on launchpad, and it's getting closer and closer to the old interface functionality.
Now, you can see if a hub/user is online/offline by the color of the icon, also the transfer color bars are back.
You can now share multiple folders under the same virtual name ( mixes the files ).
Among other multiple fixes, we hope this is the best DC++ version to the day.

* [L#202563] Fixed some missing translations
* Use setenv on unix (thanks yakov suraev)
* Fixed out of focus window when restoring from icon (poy)
* [L#203865] Fixed multiple instances (poy)
* Context-sensitive help (poy)
* Updated help files (poy, mikejj, emtee)
* Fixed toolbar separators (poy)
* Upgraded to bzip2 1.0.5 (thanks mikejj)
* Fixed background color of drop-down controls
* Fixed selection glitches
* Both up&downloads are disconnected if evil users quit (thanks poy)
* Add average share to status bar (thanks mikejj)
* Minor improvements to load / save dialogs
* [L#208917] Fixed menu background colors (poy)
* [L#208344] Fix about dialog up/down stats
* [L#209099] Fixed non-disappearing controls in search (poy)
* [L#208684] Made the Alt key work again for line history in hub window (poy)
* [L#209684] Fixed parsing of non-XML hub lists (poy)
* [L#205660] Readded hub column to transfers (thanks mikejj)
* [L#209277] Fixed crash on bad translation (thanks poy)
* More controls now use the font defined in settings (poy)
* [L#211164] Fixed bug when a new tab row is created while DC++ is minimized (poy)
* [L#211480] Fixed duplicated settings pages on bad translations (poy)
* Added the title of the currently selected page in settings (poy)
* [L#206785] Fixed a crash when a menu is owner-drawn while the desktop isn't visible (poy)
* [L#211313] Fixed bad virtual name being loaded (thanks kulmegil)
* [L#202801] Allow virtual folders to have the same name
* Allow more characters in virtual names
* [L#190015] Improved transfer speed averaging
* [L#212411] Fixed downloading multiple file lists (poy)
* Added filter already shared from search results (thanks smir)
* [L#206521] Fixed directory not being removable (thanks poy)
* Reduced resize flicker some
* [L#195209] Added various sound options (thanks poy)
* [L#211497] Segment size is automatically chosen depending on speed
* [L#209876] Added option to completely disable segmented downloads
* [L#209885] Fix antifrag not working as it should
* Anti-frag no longer optional - not using it was broken by segmented downloading
* [L#215779] Fix a few hub list download issues (thanks emtee)
* [L#195209] Changed tab order in hub windows (poy)
* Removed unused rollback option (thanks mikejj)
* Fixed PM history not showing the last line (poy)
* Queued field in connections no longer counts paused items
* [L#185722] Fix missing progress bars (no longer optional)
* Fix a crash when adding a favorite hub that already existed
* Renamed smartwin to dwt since by now it's very different from its roots
* Added some menu icons (poy)
* Updated several translations, we now have complete (or almost) Brazilian Portuguese, UK English,
Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian,
German and Spanish translations
* [L#210117] View user/hub online/offline status


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